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I ain’t been the same since we fell out,
I can feel our train ain’t leave that stop
Trials and tribulations test our patience,
But I can’t be your man, so..

Don’t come ask me what is new, baby
You say
You only mad it’s an excuse, lately
I’m too scared

Verse 1

There’s no compassion from these rooms
I’ve withdrawn into,
We're whole - intact, but all these wounds have been haunting you
Fear most attachments, I know
Those photos on fixtures, four or so figures won't hold
Hope your love don't go, position grows old
With solo living.
Splitting all these decimals
Hidden in this spitting's vivid visions disappearing
Feelings on the pedestal
Even if we get forgiven sins are still committed

I throttle towards the precipice
Your bottle full of messages
Won’t decant truth
All I wanted was an emphasis on me & you


So don’t come ask me what is new, baby
You say
You only mad it’s an excuse, lately
I’m too scared


That If I fall
My faults will form a chain around my waist
And If I call
Your name is gone – those memories erased,
It’ll fade

Verse 2

Won’t hold this weight, mistakes, those woes pardoned unconditional
Foremost ardent unequivocal
Your road switched so

Day-to-day, I just cope in excess
Interstates, so remote from the hectic and restless
Neglecting your every connection
To get away – ‘cause I know it’s more questions

It’s less I’m caught up in my own world,
Like I’m more revolving around yours
Dealt with all this heartache, parting won’t work
Grind alone but what we fighting for?
Know that every day you carried that
Frailest when the pain is done - we all think
Both of us been buried in that aftermath
I’m just saying been an off spring




released June 23, 2017



all rights reserved


QUID Brooklyn, New York

Rapper and EDM/Hip-Hop Producer based in Brooklyn, NY and St. Andrews, Scotland


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